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Hi! Thank you for considering sending me a book in exchange for an honest review :) And thank you in advance for respecting my review policy.  

As of the 2nd of June 2017, I am not accepting review copies from self-published authors. I will update this message when I am accepting again. 
Thank you! 

I accept:

- Only physical books; hardcovers, paperbacks, etc. NO audio or e-books. 
- I do accept from indie authors and self-published authors as well. 
- ARCs
- The book must have a Goodreads page. 

Genres I accept: 

- Fairy-tale retelling
- Paranormal/romance. BUT nothing too dark or satanic.  
- Gothic horror/romance
- Urban fantasy/epic fantasy/anything fantasy
- Science fiction/dystopian 
- Contemporary 
- Thriller
- Drama
- Mythology 
- Action adventure 
- Fiction 
- Young Adult
- Adult fiction (BUT not with graphic violence or graphic/explicit sexual content). 

Genres I definitely do not accept:

- Erotica.  
- Satanic themes. 
- Non-fiction. 
- LGBT themes.
- Religious themes.  

My Review: 

- I review and rate every book I receive. Most likely I'll finish it and post the review in only a few weeks, but I can't say for sure how long it'll take. Due to my current backlog of review copies, it could be a month or more till I start your book. 
- In my review I will include/list the publisher, author, number of pages, plot summary, source, genre, cover photo, and my rating out of 5.   
- All my reviews will be posted on Goodreads, and shared to Twitter and Facebook in addition to my blog.  
- My reviews are very honest. Even if I didn't like your book, I won't be nasty or cruel about it, but I will say why I didn't like it. 
- I do not get paid for any reviews I write. They are all honest and I am entitled to think and say what I like about the book. I will not delete a review at your request.  
- I will email you with my review link of your book when it's posted. 

To know:
- I live in South Africa. 
- I am also on Netgalley and Edelweiss, and will occasionally accept eBooks on those platforms depending on the circumstances.  

Request A Review:

You can email me at:
Or message me on Twitter or Goodreads
My name is Amy Wannenburgh. 

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